Thu 26 Nov 2020

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The beginning of eternity
N/A 842.00 26168
How Can This Be?
N/A 797.00 24129
I cannot be felt, seen or touched
N/A 505.00 17438
I'm sometimes white,
N/A 386.00 21109
There was a green house.
N/A 333.00 26171
Boy and Canary
N/A 316.00 20707
I am slim and tall,
N/A 313.00 18087
Murder suspects
N/A 294.00 29861
I can sizzle like bacon
N/A 264.00 16630
No legs have I to dance,
N/A 236.00 18143
N/A 221.00 21686
The Missing Dollar
N/A 221.00 14337
Only one color, but not one size,
N/A 201.00 16891
Half Full or Half Empty?
N/A 188.00 32512
Cell breakout
N/A 165.00 25366
3 Switches
N/A 161.00 36372
Bricked up room
N/A 144.00 18079
What common English word...
N/A 140.00 24064
Fox, Goose and a Sack of Corn
N/A 137.00 32281
Filling the room
N/A 128.00 28225

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Pick of the Week
Title:Bankrupt - Author: Me - Contributor:Kris
I turn polar bears white
and I will make you cry.
I make guys have to pee
and girls comb their hair.
I make celebrities look stupid
and normal people look like celebrities.
I turn pancakes brown
and make your champagne bubble.
If you sqeeze me, I'll pop.
If you look at me, you'll pop.
Can you guess the riddle?

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