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Listing 20 Riddles in this Category - Miscellaneous

Riddles Author Rating Hits
What animal keeps the best time?
N/A 58.00 33501
Watch in the desert
N/A 23.00 14403
Which Side of a Cat
N/A 43.00 22438
Bricked up room
N/A 144.00 21598
What insect does a blacksmith manufacture?
N/A 20.00 21979
A doctor and a bus driver in love
N/A 86.00 20977
Bike Spokes
N/A 22.00 21645
Talking Parrot
N/A 52.00 22623
What tree is most warmly clad?
N/A 26.00 22706
A time when they're green,
N/A 39.00 24300
With pointed fangs it sits in wait,
N/A 75.00 28291

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Pick of the Week
Title:plane crash - Author: jesse mcintosh - Contributor:jesse
There is a plane flying over the border with half american and half canadian people. The plane crashes right over the boreder its exactly over the border.fjsljflskjef;osjdf;lkaje;fj

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